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There is plethora of options in choosing a high payout card game. One very new version of game has be making buzz in the casinos and gambling world. It's called Let it Ride Poker and the players who have played it say that it is one of the most exciting form of poker and is much more exciting in payout too.

Let it ride poker is a variant of poker where you need to get the odds on your side. Below we show you how you can play this game and enjoy it its maximum thrill.

This game is much like blackjack but still falls under the category of poker. Unlike poker you play this game against the dealer and not any other player. Moreover this game is played on the table similar to blackjack. Let it ride poker is exciting, full of fun and lets you win huge amount of money with one shot.

Most of the rules of this game are similar to traditional poker. This game too employs only one pack of cards. Initiallly each player makes three bets. There will be a house minimum in each case, and will be indicated on the table format, and your bets have to be at least those.

There will be betting circle of 1,2 and $. After the three bets are completed the dealer will deal three cards to each player on the table with face down and will open cards which will also be face down.

Each player will see the three cards and if he wants he may cancel his bets in Circle 1. Cancellation is done by telling the dealer to give it back. However the fun starts when you let it ride and stay in the game. Now, if you let the bet ride you will remain in the game till the end but if you take away you will instantly be out of the game.

Now, the dealer with turn one of his cards over and again the player has choice to back out in Circle 2 or let it ride. According the rules the bet decision made in Circle 1 doesn’t affect the circle 2 and as this is done the betting is over and dealer opens in last cards which is placed in the Circle $.

The two dealer cards are known as community card in this game just like Texas Holdem and Omaha and completes the hands of players. The objective of the game is to get hand with a pair of 10s or better. If you get hold of these cards then you are a winner. This is an automatic win situation. The biggest difference of this high payout card game is its nature where there is no cards substitution or bluffing. It is just normal game of having best hand.

Similar to its nature and features, this game has very few rules and strategies. You can win a great hand and let it ride if you know these features. Below we show you some tricks you can use to get a good hand in Let it Ride Poker:

In circle 1
Let it ride if you have following cards

1. A pair of tens of better

2. Any three cards in a Royal Flush

3. Any three cards from a Straight Flush or Inside Straight Flush

4. A ten, Jack and Queen

In circle 2
Let it ride if you have following cards
1. Pair of tens or better

2. Any four cards of the same suit

3. A four card straight (open ended)

4. Any four high cards (ten or higher)

Let it ride is an amazing game of luck and having the best hand. Play it with your friend and show them the magic this high payout card game gives to its players.