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High Payout Slot Machine

With the pace of time, these slot machines have turn out as the object of devotion and fascination for millions of fan all over the world. You can entertain during slots gaming as well as you can also win a huge amount of money through these machines, especially with progressive jackpots. Today, it’s no surprising to observe the rapid growth of several myths and urban legends around the perfect combination of highly entertaining slot machines, and luck and chance along with their billion-dollar industry. In these case, what is fact as well as what is fiction?

Situation #1: you get up from a particular slot machine for getting a cup of coffee, after playing with same slot machine for about two hours. You find another player on the same slot machine after two minutes you left it. He suddenly win big jackpot on same machine. You regret why you left that machine because the same jackpot can be won by you, if you haven’t left that machine for more two minutes.

Is it fact or Fiction? Of course, it’s fiction. Random Number Generator (RNG) is the system used for operating Slot machines. As its name implies, entire outcome from the machine are entirely random after being well shuffled. Therefore, you can only hit the jackpot if you’re lucky no matter you remain on the same slot machine for 2 minutes or 2 hours.

Situation #2: your first instinct as you see anyone winning the jackpot is to try your luck on the same slot machine. However, you again decide to try your luck on another one because this one has turn out as a bad machine for you and has already made you to pay out a lot.
Is it Fact or Fiction? It’s been already discussed before that a jackpot winner is determined by the RNG that is presented inside a slot machine. Therefore, after offering a heavy jackpot, a slot machine can offer the next jackpot in the very next spin or may be in another thousand spins. That is why; it’s not a wise decision to go for a particular slot machine as it turns out lucky for others.

Situation #3: You find an advertisement for the ‘ultimate’ slot strategy that ‘guarantees’ instant wins.

Is it Fact or Fiction? Obviously, it’s myth! You’re strictly suggested to avoid such promotion at any cost. It is totally illogical to believe that someone acquires an ultimate slot strategy that can make their fortune and they are intending to sell these precious secrets just at .99. The fact of RNG should be considered by every player.
However, it’s possible for player to try for minimizing their loss by understanding the machine as well as relevant information such as maximum and minimum denominations and payout rates as well. In nutshell, it’s really impossible for anybody else to predict that what is going to be the sequences or patterns of a particular slot machine. Thus, it’s like flushing your hard-earned money in bathroom, if you believe anything like such slot strategy.